OGX Purifying Charcoal Detox Shampoo for Buildup Removal and Light Nourishment Review

Hairspray holding hair in place and dry shampoo weighing them down? For a thorough cleansing and detoxification, try using OGX’s Purifying Charcoal Detox Shampoo. The combination of activated coconut charcoal and kaolin clay in this clarifying formula will work to remove residue from the hair.

Daily usage of dry shampoo does not leave hair squeaky or dry, even if you use a lot. This shampoo is great for maintaining the health and fresh appearance of your hair. Rinse well after applying a generous amount of shampoo to damp hair, massaging it into a lather from roots to tips. When you’re done shampooing, use the Purifying Charcoal Detox conditioner. The OGX Charcoal Detox series will help you maintain your shiny locks.

Personal Experience

The OGX Purifying Charcoal Shampoo is my favorite since it not only leaves my hair feeling clean, but also adds shine and volume. This shampoo’s charcoal ingredient helps remove any residue left by dry shampoo and restore my scalp’s natural balance. The shampoo has the right consistency.

It doesn’t feel like you’re just putting water in your hair; rather, it’s like you’re putting in some fancy hair oil. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy or heavy, and it doesn’t weigh it down either, so I can use my usual hair products and a blow dryer with no problems.

After using the shampoo for over a year, I can say that my hair is stronger and fuller than it has ever been. Thinner-haired friends of mine say they like using it since it doesn’t add bulk or leave a greasy residue. Instead, it fortifies their thin locks by giving them body and pliability.

Coconut oil, known for its ability to nourish and strengthen hair, is included in this shampoo, along with orange oil, known for its gentleness and ability to maintain a stable ph. In addition, it is 96 percent natural and free of synthetic colors, petroleum, and preservatives like sulfates and Parabens.

Pros of OGX Purifying Charcoal Detox Shampoo for Buildup Removal and Light Nourishment

BubbleYum Said: Never before have I written a review so quickly, but this product is worthy of it. After being natural for ten years, I finally gave in to the pressure of election night in November and had a perm (Don’t judge me! Black women often choose for a new hairstyle while we’re “going through” because it’s a quick and easy way to express our internal turmoil.

Since then, I have had what I can only describe as a ‘thick’ hair texture. Just recently, it’s looked burdened. My hair has developed a peculiar greasy buildup after each wash in the last month. As a mother of a small kid, I shrugged it off as a lesson learned about the need of rigorous hand washing. Last Monday, I washed my hair and found that the buildup was significantly thicker, almost like Goop. There was a thick, sticky residue on my fingertips after squeezing even little pieces of my hair. That was it; I went to my internet best friend (Amazon) in quest of a clarifying shampoo.

After reading the testimonials, I decided to give this shampoo a try, and it ended up being the finest choice I made all week. My hair has a newfound bounce and lightness, and any accumulation there was has been fully removed. In a word, I’m blown away. Try this out if you’re experiencing similar difficulties. Yes, sis, it does the trick! (or sir).

Regal Royal Said: The fact that OGX products are suitable for use with any kind of hair is something that I have always admired about the brand. It worked well for my largely 4b/4c hair, by the way. My scalp had a feeling of cleanliness, and I could tell that it was breathing after I used it. My hair did not get very dry after using the shampoo, which is often the case when using clarifying shampoo. My hair did get tangled, but fortunately, the conditioner helped fix the problem. My hair didn’t get fully moisturized by the conditioner, which is OK since the shampoo didn’t really dry it out to begin with; but, it did give my hair a LOT of slide!

As soon as I used the conditioner, the knots disappeared, and I was able to detangle my hair by just running my fingers through it. Consequently, if you are seeking for a good clarifying shampoo and conditioner that is affordable, you might consider purchasing this set. After you’ve finished this, be sure to give your hair a good moisturizer and even a deep conditioning treatment if you have the time.

Megan Stock Said: I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds of dry shampoo that are available. So many. Trust me. For me, there are two that stand head and shoulders above the others. Batiste as well as OGX, this particular charcoal detox is one of my favorites since it makes me feel as if I am really detoxing my hair. Because I only wash my hair twice a week, it is possible for it to get rather greasy and nasty in between washes. This thing packs quite a punch. Charcoal has mystical powers. I have no idea what it is, but I can understand why it’s included in a wide variety of various types of cleaning goods. If you are looking for an excellent dry shampoo that will give you the impression that you are getting a good midweek deep clean and detox, I strongly suggest that you consider purchasing this. This is a product that I will purchase for the rest of my life. If they were to stop making this product, I would throw a fit and weep.

Cons of OGX Purifying Charcoal Detox Shampoo for Buildup Removal and Light Nourishment

Tabby Kat Said: I purchased this shampoo in the hopes that it would clean up the acne on my scalp and put an end to the accompanying itching. In spite of the fact that it does that for me, the drawback of using it is that it gives my hair the texture like straws of hay. Because I just acquired a new variety, namely the OGX green tea moisturizing shampoo, I am able to alternate between the two on a daily basis. Up to this point, doing that has been providing some relief from the issue. Aside than that, it’s a decent shampoo all things considered.

S. Killion Said: Amazing stuff, and I was able to get it at such an incredible discount! The shampoo promises to be a deep cleansing, buildup breaking shampoo, and it certainly lives up to those claims. My hair smells clean and fresh after using it. A person with thin, fine hair should not use this product on a regular basis, in my opinion. However, after one or two usage, you will have a much better idea of how often you would personally want to use it.

Richard Derus Said: My beard is in desperate need of a shampoo that can keep it moisturized, but this one has an overwhelming amount of fragrance. Because the aroma stays around for such a long time, I know it can’t be this one. I just can’t stand it. This makes it difficult for me to enjoy the flavor of the meal I’m eating.

Final Verdict:

In short, I think this is a great product. It’s okay to apply it on occasion to clear your hair, but please don’t overdo it. Why? Because it does what it claims it does. You shouldn’t over-strip your hair, but you should remove any silicones, parabens, or other buildup that has occurred over time. If you have thicker, coarser hair, this is the product for you.

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