Suave Clarifying Shampoo Review

After I bought my first bottle of clarifying shampoo, it only took one use for me to realize what an amazing difference this makes. Sometimes you need a reminder about how your hair should look and feel.

We all have bits of color or texture in our hair that may upset other people’s perception of your overall appearance–regardless of whether they are sensitive subjects like yoursince we all have different levels of sensitivity to things. For instance, someone who cannot stand the scent of pineapple can be bothered by just rubbing some coconut oil on their scalps.

These days, there are tons of products claiming to make you shiny and new again. This may work temporarily, but then you end up with dry, fragile hair that needs extensive conditioning to make it smooth and manageable.

However, while regular washing is good, it can do damage to your hair if you wash too frequently. Some experts recommend not washing more than every 7-10 days, depending on your hair type.

If you find yourself talking years down for your hair growth due to repeated heat styling, it’s probably time to consider switching to a wet technique, such as braiding or twisting. These are much less damaging to your hair.”>

How to use

This shampoo is great for anyone who needs to restore balance to their hair, whether that be from cuts, color, or just daily wear.

The ingredients are natural, non-toxic, and organic. They not only clean your scalp but also condition your hair.

This makes your scalp more receptive to the other products you’re going to need afterward (hairspray mainly). You will have better results with less dryness and more grease.

Active ingredients

One of the things that sets this shampoo apart from others is the list of active ingredients found in the bottle. At least 13 different things are supposed to work together to clean your hair.

Some of the ingredients may be new to you, so let’s take a closer look at them.

These shampoos claim to improve shine by reducing grease and undissolved minerals like salts of soda or salt. They also contain diamond powder which is claimed to cut through any trapped particles to give your hair its usual luster.

There are two types of diamond powders used here – natural quartz and synthetic type. The first one is cheaper than the second one. But both do the same thing, so it doesn’t make much of a difference for these purposes.

The crystal powder itself is made of water and tiny diamonds that have been agglomerated (put into bricks) to protect their integrity. This makes them easier to filter out when they are washed down the drain.

The number of individual stars that each product has received depends how well those products performed their intended purpose. Read our review with more details.

Directions for use

After shampooing your hair, you should mix together a small amount of this clarifier solution with water. Then, rinse it through your hair, being careful not to let any of the mixture get in your eyes or nose.

This product is considered safe for human skin, but please note that dogs have been known to react negatively to this product, so do not use it if you are concerned about allergies.

Customer service

I had an issue with my hair that required customer service intervention to resolve.

To be honest, I was somewhat nervous about calling the company to ask how customers are treated if they need help.

I already knew from past experience that when it comes to customer service, Hair Care Direct always puts people first. The employees at HCAD are passionate about what they do and aim to put their clients at ease so they can best serve them.

When I needed assistance, I first looked online for posts related to my question or my area of concern. When nothing came up after reading through several threads, I then posted a message asking about my concerns. Soon thereafter, I received a response from employee “Kate”. She was kind, thoughtful, and responded back to me within a few hours.

More often than not, Kate helped me out immediately. If interested, there is more she could have done – like contacting another representative or adding comments to my account to get me closer to a final solution.

She went above and beyond by taking time out of her day to respond to my messages and clarify anything that was confusing for her. That single interaction made me feel better and got me closer to a resolution.

I believe others could benefit from having a potentially long conversation in the form of a written correspondence. By employing this strategy, everyone gets equal opportunity to express themselves and make their case.

This may seem professional, but it

Does it work?

Yes! I have been using this shampoo for over two years now and absolutely love it. I only buy products that are natural and non-toxic. This is one of them. It’s perfect for people with dry hair as it contains no oils.

It left my hair feeling and looking great. But since my hair is naturally oily, there was a period where I had to use up some product before I could remove all the oil from my hair.

But now it has reduced by half and my hair is almost back to its normal state. Good stuff!

Is it good?

After I read about how destructive my old shampoo habits were, I decided to try out a new brand. Not only had I never heard of their product before, I was completely baffled by what others said about it.

First, let me say that this shampoo is seriously hydrating. It makes my hair feel so much better after using it. But here’s the thing: everyone’s experience with this shampoo is different.

Some people (like one of my fellow bloggers) have success stories, but there are also customers who reported headaches, dry skin, and other problems. So you may want to do some research ahead of time if you think these issues will help your particular case.

In the end, I’m thankful for this experience because even though it made my skin worse, my hair did get cleaner than it has in years. Maybe it was all the sulfates???

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