How To Clarify Hair Without Shampoo?

Drink more water

When hair is dehydrated, it becomes unclasped, uneven, and dull. Drinking enough water ensures that your hair is hydrated, clean, and free of excess hormones like estrogen which can cause thickening of the hair cuticle.

How much water you should drink depends on whether you are drinking bottled or tap water. Bottled waters contain few vitamins and minerals so I recommend you fill your bottle with filtered water.

Tap water contains fluoride, hfcs, heavy metals, and other chemicals that we want to avoid ingesting, especially since most people have baby girls who are susceptible to cancer.

I prefer sparkling water because it’s healthier than still water. However, I know many people don’t like carbonation in their water, in which case choose flat water.

But even flavored waters do not satisfy your dietary needs for nutrients. It may sound good, but when you extract the juice or sip the flavoring from a carton, it remains in the container as junk food.

It may help mask your appetite so you eat less overall, but this doesn’t mean you should overdo it. Studies show giving yourself pleasure reduces hunger receptors in your stomach.

By feeling satisfied, you won’t be tempted to overeat. Plus, research shows that individuals who consume foods versus meals that consist mostly of drinks (vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, etc.)

Use a clarifying shampoo

There are plenty of clarifying shampoos that can be bought. Make sure to pick one that does not contain any alcohol (though there are safe ones like Kao).

The purpose of a clarifier is to remove dirt, oil, and other grime from your hair. In addition to its cleaning power, water plays an important role in dry shampooing.

By re-dumping extra moisture into dried down hair, you create additional lift. The more lift you add, the thinner your hair needs to become.

If too much force is applied, breakage will occur. Thus, it’s best to dust off your hair using a mild cleanser until your hair is smooth and soft.

Use a deep conditioning treatment

There are many different types of deep conditioning treatments that you can try. You can find them at your local supermarket.

They’re easy to use and may even have recipes that show you how to make them yourself. Some of these include:

· Yogurt shave cream or mud mask – this is one of my favorite things to do to my hair.

I always start with dry, but well-groomed hair. Sometimes, in order to achieve total clarity, it is necessary to work through water.

This is only if shampoo fails you!

Combine shampoo and conditioner


Conditioners are very popular products among women for cleansing the hair thoroughly and moisturizing the ends of the strands.

But did you know that you can combine your conditioning formula to clean your hair even better? Combined formulas mean less product needed, which is always a good thing.

Conditioning Conditioners contain ingredients such as keratin proteins, pantene, chia seeds, glycerin, water, and organic oils. These components work together to help remove dry, dead skin cells from the scalp by penetrating deep into the cuticle and replacing it.

Use a silkening spray

Several years ago, I was having my hair done at a salon. The stylist noticed that my straightened hair had some curl in it. He speculated that maybe we could add volume to my hair if he used hot rollers around the edges. I tried several samples of silicone gel before settling on one called SFK Silky Hold Spray.

He applied this sparingly between roll sets so that by the end of my haircut there were more roll sets than before.

The result? More curls! And they held. No matter how hard I shampooed those days, the rolls remained completely voluminous. For me, this is the perfect amount of curling power.

You can find these products online or at your local drugstore.

Use a roller

A roller is simply a small metal tube with tufts of wool stuck in it. The user twists their hair around one or more times to create some space between the strands, which allows you to clear debris out of your hair without worrying about breaking things open.

You can find rollers at most drugstores. They’re usually pretty cheap, often under $5.

Once you get yours, put it away until you need it. You won’t be using much moisture, so let your hair dry enough before use.

The first time you use a roller, it will feel like you have to squeeze it too hard. That is because you do! It just takes a little bit of force to start the process.

As you rotate and twist the roller, the two halves will gradually move apart from each other. This creates more room inside the cylinder for air to flow through.

Before you know it, the entire contents of the cylinder (including the now-useless casing) has been spun into what we call “a hot ponytail”.

Eat more whole grains

Several studies show that eating plenty of whole foods can help clarify your hair. Whole foods are the original form of food language, which is what happens when we eat something in its natural state.

When you eat processed foods, chunks of ingredients are removed or altered from the food source to make it simpler to use/prepare them for consumption.

By removing pieces, you’re changing the nature of those ingredients. They become less whole and complete in whatever form they were before being processed.

Studies show that when you consume smaller portions of whole foods, your body will process these components faster, which speeds up metabolism. Your hair will then have an increased rate of growth due to the greater amount of active proteins at the root level.

Consuming more whole foods may also lead to clearer skin because their soluble fiber helps keep your gut healthy. Bad bacteria, yeast, and other undesirable microorganisms can cause gastrointestinal issues, including acne.

Eat more potassium

There is one thing that all the clear-talking clients have in common, and that’s regaining their hair health with each other’s help.

Potassium plays a role in maintaining your body’s ionic balance.

When you eat too much soy, which is packed with potassium, your body can become too sodium soaked, leading to water retention.

Eating enough potassium helps your body excrete salt, so if you over soak in salt, there’s hardly any coming from your food anymore.

This includes helping your sweat rate increase, along with eliminating salty fluids such as sea vegetables.

Some great sources of potassium include baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, squash, tomatoes and bananas.

Keep your hair wet

Your skin is dry, but your hair isn’t. Because you wash regularly, your scalp has fewer follicles with which to produce natural oils. When you stop washing, your scalp needs help.

You can give your scalp some moisture by applying conditioner or coconut oil. But there’s a better option: keeping your hair wet instead of drying it.

Your skin still needs moisture, so keep moisturizing as always. But let your hair air-dry instead of using a hot comb, which dries out your hair even more.

If you need to scrub away the remaining residue left from your last shower, do it now. However, try to only use water, not soap. The former just takes longer; the latter pulls both way.

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