Is Kristin Ess Deep Clean Clarifying Shampoo Good?

If you have dry or thick hair, or if you just need to refresh your hair, then this shampoo may be the right product for you. If you want to know more about it, keep reading my review of Kristin Ess Deep Clean Clarifying Shampoo. I hope that it will help you make an informed decision!

Personal Review

I have a normal to oily scalp, and I occasionally suffer from product buildup. Mineral buildup in my hair from the water makes it greasy, especially after using drying hair products.

After using Kristin Ess Deep Clean Clarifying Shampoo for one week, mineral deposits were no longer an issue! I couldn’t believe how well it lifted off excess oils and product buildup and didn’t strip away any of my natural oils as traditional clarifying shampoos do. This is definitely my new favorite shampoo; thank you, Kristin! My hair feels so healthy and it’s more voluminous than ever!

Mineral deposits are hard to wash away, but using a shampoo designed to remove them can make a big difference. Shampoos like Kristin Ess’ Deep Clean Clarifying Shampoo do an excellent job of getting rid of these gunk-makers. The sulfate-free formula doesn’t contain harsh detergents or sulfates that can strip your hair of its natural oils and cause it to look greasy or feel brittle, like traditional clarifying shampoos. Instead, it’s packed with gentle cleansers and amino acids that soften your hair for easy rinsing and infuse vital nutrients so your hair looks healthy and voluminous.

This is a must-have for anyone who wants clean, voluminous locks!

Dermatologist Review

Too many hair products end up clogging your pores and causing breakouts. The good news is that Kristin Ess makes a clarifying shampoo that helps deep clean your hair without any harsh parabens or sulfates. It’s cruelty-free and 100% free of parabens, so it’s perfect for vegans who are trying to look after their bodies while they look after their tresses.  Even better, it can also double as a nice body wash!

All hair types can benefit from using Kristin Ess clarifying shampoo, but people with color-treated hair will particularly appreciate how well Kristin Ess works at removing buildup.

Not only is this beneficial for getting out of bed in the morning, but it also eliminates concerns about color fading prematurely due to buildup. Your locks will also feel silky smooth and super volumized thanks to natural ingredients. And if you want to make sure you’re purifying your strands as well as cleaning them out thoroughly? Try adding one capful of apple cider vinegar when you mix everything together!

Pros of Kristin Ess Deep Clean Clarifying Shampoo

Lilliana said: My hair is thick and falls just below my shoulders. Because of it, I have no choice but to make more use of the product. The container is smaller than expected, but it’s okay because clarifying shampoo should only be used very rarely to avoid drying out and damaging hair.I give my hair a deep condition right after using this shampoo, which I do every two to three weeks. This is not intended to be used as your regular everyday shampoo! Because they simply eliminate buildup, grease, dandruff, etc., clarifying shampoos are not intended to be used on a daily basis. Additionally, these kinds of shampoos are not intended to nourish or moisturize your hair, so make sure that you deep condition after! If you use it too often, it can remove the natural oils that are in your hair so you need to be cautious. I can attest that there is no leaking from the cap of its cute little pink bottle.

Dee Said: My head of thick hair combined with the nature of the work I do causes me to rapidly get covered in grease. It would be an understatement to say that I have tried many different clarifying shampoos because I have. Undoubtedly, this shampoo is the best I have ever tried. It effectively cleanses my hair without causing excessive dryness. Moreover, I can now go without washing my hair for multiple days as it does not make my hair greasy.It is absolutely incredible.

Leilani Danner Said: I think this is the best shampoo ever. It doesn’t lather at first, but after the second wash, it works well. Plus, after my hair is dry, it feels fresh and full of volume. The buildup of hair care products has drastically changed how my scalp feels, but this product has worked wonders in restoring it.

Cons of Kristin Ess Deep Clean Clarifying Shampoo

Marion Richer Said: It’s good, and I suppose it does what it set out to achieve, but the odor is simply too much for me to bear. It’s possible that it might appeal to the tastes of another person, but I find that I can’t stand the taste of it. On top of that, the smell of the shampoo lingers.

The shampoo smelled good and made my scalp feel better, but it also made my hair dry and gave me a dry scalp.

A Lopez Added: The correct moniker for this product is Perfume Shampoo. It carries such a strong aroma that it overpowers any other fragrances you could be wearing at the same time. Given that males use cologne, it can’t possibly be marketed for male consumers. The trouble with shampoos that are excessively scented is that if you don’t like the smell of the shampoo, you won’t enjoy the shampoo itself.

Final Verdict

Try Kristin Ess’ Deep Clean Clarifying Shampoo if you want a shampoo that is cruelty-free, cleans hair well, and doesn’t contain parabens. This is an excellent choice for those with oily hair or thicker hair in general. It comes in a nice size at 10 fl. Oz can be purchased online from Amazon and has rave reviews on both websites.

Kristin Ess is also cruelty-free; however, some may argue that her line does not 100% fit vegan as it still contains honey. Nevertheless, if you aren’t going to eat your shampoo anyway, then do what makes you happy when it comes to using products that align with your beliefs!

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