Everything You Need To Know About Amino Acid Hair Treatment

Amino acids- an essential building block for proteins- are the molecules widely celebrated for their ability to restore moisture and shine to dry, damaged hair. Now, a variety of amino acid treatments have hit the market promising to make hair exactly that….smooth and shiny. But how do these treatments work? And what are the risks? Read on to find out everything you need to know about this revolutionary beauty product!

What Is Amino Acid Hair Treatment?

An amino acid hair treatment involves the application of an acid-free, protein-rich formula to hair. The proteins in the formula can penetrate and adhere to the shaft of each strand of hair. This allows the strands to lock together in a protective coating which effectively seals in moisture and protects against environmental damage. The end result is smooth, shiny, healthy-looking locks!

Where Did Amino Acid Hair Treatments Come From?

Chemist Dr. Axel Schultes developed a protein treatment while working at Kollmar Labs throughout the 1960s. Despite its scientific pedigree, Schultes’ formula was unregistered, so his creation remained out on the market for many years. A few years later, in 1972, American hair-styling product manufacturer Wella Sensible Co. brought Schultes’ formula to market as a styling treatment. Wella’s version was quite different- it didn’t contain protein but more expensive polymers that were designed to create stiff, glossy curls and waves. The product was a huge commercial success, and Wella continued to produce it until 2000.

In the late 1980s and 90s, Wella began to market its version of the Amino Acid Treatment under a variety of brand names. In 1996, Wella Sensible and Kollmar Laboratories merged to create “Kollmar/Wella.” This allowed Kollmar to reintroduce Schultes’ formula to the market without incurring Wella’s trademark fees. “Kollmar/Wella” continued producing Schultes’ original formula under the name of “Amino Acid Hair Treatment,” but both versions are essentially the same product.

How Do Amino Acid Treatments Work?

During hair-styling time, protein molecules bond together in strands of human hair. When the bonds are disturbed, hair loses its natural elasticity and strength. Protein treatments work by penetrating the hair shaft and sealing in moisture. The sealed strands effectively “melt” together, creating a barrier that protects against environmental damage.

How Do You Use Amino Acid Treatments?

Amino Acid Treatments are sold as small bottles of either oil or lotion-based formulas. They should be applied to damp hair and left on for at least 30 minutes. Unlike cutting-edge technologies available in salons, amino acid treatments can be safely used at home with great results! However, it is possible to over-apply the product, which can actually make hair look worse. The best application method, after towel-drying hair, is to apply as little as possible to each section at a time. Then comb through the hair gently with your fingers, working inwards and upwards toward the scalp. You can apply more product if desired.

What Are The Different Amino Acid Treatments?

Amino acid treatments are available in multiple formulas, each with their own advantages:

·         Amino Acid Hair Treatment Oil (For Curly Hair)

This treatment has been specifically designed for curly hair and contains only protein molecules that can penetrate damaged strands of coarse and wavy hair.

·         Amino Acid Hair Treatment Oil (For Shoulder-Length Or Longer Hair)

This treatment is very similar to the original formula, except that instead of a stronger protein molecule to penetrate curly hair, this product includes a milder protein molecule that can penetrate longer strands.

·         Argan Oil Amino Acid Hair Treatment (For Dry Hair)

This version of the treatment contains Argan oil, an ingredient designed to moisturize and condition damaged strands. This product gives your hair extra protection against damage caused by heat styling tools such as flat irons and curling irons.

·         Amino Acid Hair Treatment Lotion (For Damaged Hair)

This product is a milder, alternative to the original formula designed for hair that is less damaged and can handle harsher proteins. For best results, it’s recommended that you apply this treatment to damp strands from roots to ends before blow-drying.

·         Amino Acid Hair Treatment Lotion (For Color-Treated Hair)

This treatment is designed for use on color-treated hair. The product penetrates beyond the hair shaft to “fix” color molecules and prevent them from fading.

What Are The Potential Side-Effects Of An Amino Acid Treatment?

Amino acid treatments are usually applied to damp hair, which is why they can sometimes cause the scalp to burn if they are left on for too long. This can be avoided easily by following the directions carefully and rinsing immediately if you begin to feel any irritation or burning. Improper application of amino-acid treatments can also sometimes lead to excessive build-up or dullness. If you experience such problems, try using a clarifying shampoo every few weeks to remove any residual buildup in your hair.

What Are The Amino Acid Treatments FDA-Approved?

While amino acid hair treatments can be used to treat damaged strands of hair and prevent dryness, there is currently no formal FDA approval for this as a medical condition. That said, they are completely safe. There is no reason not to use them on your own hair! However, you should always consult your doctor before using any product that you suspect may contain ingredients that could be detrimental to health.

5 Amazing Benefits Of An Amino Acid Hair Treatment

  • Amino Acid Treatments can be used on all hair types, including color-treated and chemically-treated strands of hair
  • Amino acid treatments are safe, convenient, and easy to use at home
  • Hair becomes stronger and shinier after using an amino acid treatment
  • Amino Acid Treatments offer a wide range of benefits for all types of hair (curly, straight, curly-straight) from normal to extremely damaged
  • Amino Acids can also be used to treat dry, damaged skin on the scalp by coating the strands with a special solution containing amino acids and natural oils.

How Long Does Amino Acid Hair Treatment Last?

Amino acid treatments generally last for about two months, at which point they should be rinsed out. Since amino acid treatments are designed to seal in moisture and prevent moisture loss, you may need to follow a routine that includes frequent use of a hair treatment conditioner if you have particularly dry or damaged hair.

How Do Amino Acid Treatments Work?

The proteins in amino acid hair treatments penetrate deeply into the hair shaft. However, this process does not create any negative side-effects because proteins do not enter the bloodstream as do other chemical treatments. As long as your amino acid treatment is applied correctly and removed before it dries out, you will experience no negative side-effects from the process.

Amino Acid Hair Treatment Vs Keratin Treatment

Amino Acid Treatments work in a similar way to Keratin Treatments. In both cases, proteins are applied on hair to prevent protein loss and seal in moisture. However, the chemical composition of amino acid treatments is different from that of keratin treatments, making them more natural than keratin treatments. While keratin treatments are designed to penetrate the whole hair shaft and harden it so that no moisture can escape, amino acid treatments are designed to penetrate the shaft just enough to seal in moisture but not so much as to “harden” each strand of hair.

What Is Argan Oil Amino Acid?

Argan oil is derived from the Argan tree in Morocco. The oil, which is often used to moisturize skin, can also be used to treat damaged strands of hair. Since this treatment is designed for dry hair, you may experience some burning on the scalp if you do not rinse out the treatment immediately.

Amino Acid Hair Treatment Pros And Cons

Amino acid treatments are a safe, convenient way to prevent damage to hair caused by chemical processing and heat styling. While they do contain some protein molecules, the ‘feed’ these proteins provide is readily absorbed by hair and does not enter the bloodstream as other chemical treatments can. One of the biggest benefits of this product is its versatility; amino acid treatments can be used on any hair type and can also be used to treat damaged strands of dry or color-treated skin on the scalp.


Amino Acid hair treatment is an easy and safe way to protect your hair from damage caused by heat styling tools or colored chemicals. It has been used for decades with no reported side-effects or negative health impacts. The treatment is completely safe and does not require a prescription. As long as you follow application instructions and rinse off the product before it dries, you should not suffer any negative effects from using this product.


A small percentage of people may experience some irritation if they leave the treatment on too long. To avoid this, apply only to damp strands of hair and rinse off immediately if you begin to feel any tingling or burning on your scalp or forehead. You should consult with a professional before using this product if you suspect that your scalp is particularly sensitive.

Amino Acid Hair Treatment Before And After

Despite the fact that amino acid hair treatments are designed for use on wet hair, many people report that the results are noticeable after one application of this product. After following the directions and rinsing out the product as soon as you begin to notice any burning or roughness, you should experience healthy, smooth strands of hair.

Products You Can Use For Easy Home Treatments

Amino acid treatments can be used either on wet hair before a heat styling application or on dry hair as a leave-in treatment in the weeks following chemical processing or heat styling.

As a pre-heat treatment, amino acid treatments are applied to damp strands of hair before they are blow dried or straightened using heated tools. The product is applied directly from the bottle and distributed evenly through strands of hair. Following application, you should allow your hair to dry naturally.

As a leave-in treatment, amino acid treatments are applied to dry strands of hair even if you do not plan to use heat styling equipment.

1. Drunk Elephant Cocomino Glossing Shampoo:

This is a cleansing shampoo with coconut oil and a blend of curly hair-loving oils. It helps to prepare the hair for styling by making it easier to comb or brush after you wash it.

2. Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo:

This shampoo is designed to make hair stronger and is also suited for normal hair that needs extra hydration. It is free from sulfates, which can strip the hair of essential oils.

3. Monday Haircare Moisture Shampoo

This shampoo is formulated with a number of oils that restore moisture, nutrients and shine to hair. It also helps to maintain the color integrity of chemical processes.

4. Briogeo Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Avocado Leave-in Defining Crème

Briogeo is a French brand focused on creating all-natural products. This is one of their stellar offerings, which uses proteins and amino acids to define curls while adding shine.

5. Kiehl’s Amino Acid Conditioner

This brand is well-known for its no-nonsense approach to hair products. This product is a leave-in conditioner that helps to smooth and tame unruly locks.

6. Klorane Clarifying Shampoo with Citrus Pulp

This shampoo does not contain sulfates, and it can be used on any hair color or type. It contains a blend of fruit extracts to add shine and hydration to hair.


Amino acid hair treatment is an easy, safe and effective way to make sure your locks are healthy and protected. It is a simple process that adds shine and softness to your hair without the harsh chemicals of other treatments.

There’s no need to spend valuable time at the salon when you can perform this treatment with just a couple of minutes of effort in the comfort of your own home. Treat yourself to some luxury today with these easy techniques!


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