Everything You Need To Know About Blue Shampoo

Blue shampoo is a popular colorant used in the hair coloring industry and it’s a very common way to get your hair lighter or darker. To create the shade of blue desired, chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and bleaching agents are combined with other ingredients such as conditioners, foaming agents, surfactants, dyes, and thickeners. This liquid formula gets applied to clean and wet strands for maximum effect. Blue shampoo gets rid of brassiness in blond hair.

Who Should Use Blue Shampoo?

It is best recommended for those suffering from natural or chemically treated blonde hair. It can be used on all hair types but when used on colored or permed hair, it may result in color loss.

How Does It Work?

The chemicals in blue shampoo weaken the disulfide bonds of the protein chains within the hair cortex resulting in a decolorization effect which removes yellow pigments from your blonde tresses. The chemicals can also help thicken your hair and make it healthier by cleaning up the oil and impurities that build up along with your daily use of styling products. The blue color will only last for about 30 minutes after use, but the lightening effects will be permanent.

What Is The Purpose Of Blue Shampoo?

Blue shampoo is a typical hair colorant that removes the brassiness in blonde hair. When used as directed, it is safe on all hair types.

Key Ingredients Found In Blue Shampoo

Methylene Blue Inhibits The Formation Of Unnatural Pigments That Cause Brassiness In Blonde Hair Which Is Used To Relieve Brassy Hair. While 2-4% of purified water is added for stability. Hair dye may be a temporary solution to hair color, but it can also come with negative side effects. Blue shampoo is developed to prevent the brassy, yellowish complexion from the hair. Besides, the bleaching ingredient removes unwanted brassiness from the hair.

Key Benefits Of Blue Shampoo

Blue shampoo will prevent brassy hair, so it will make your hair look brighter and healthier. The formula of this product does not fade away easily, so you can use them for long time without having to repurchase them again. It also keeps your color from fading and protects your hair from damage caused by harsh sun light or chlorine water. Apart from that, blue shampoo has other benefits such as reduced dry and dull hair. For example, a study conducted by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science has found that blue shampoo can effectively remove the brassy color which can be seen in blond hair due to air pollution.

Who Should Use Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo is a very effective colorant which is used for removing yellow and brassy tones from the hair. It goes deeper into the hair to eliminate unwanted yellow and brassiness while producing a cooler, more appealing shade of blonde. This shampoo can also be used on other natural or dark shades of hair as well.

How Does It Work?

In order to successfully remove yellow pigments in the hair, you will need to use purple shampoo as part of your everyday hair care regiment. By removing the additional yellow pigments found in blonde or light brown colored locks, the shampoo will actually help your hair appear brighter and more attractive by enhancing the natural tones of your roots.

Will blue shampoo brighten blonde hair?

Yes. It can actually lighten blonde hair as well. However, there are some drawbacks such as the wash out process and the fact that it only lasts for a short period of time. For better results, you should use a combination of blue shampoo and violet shampoo to get the best results.

Does purple shampoo make your hair greener?

No, purple shampoo does not make your hair greener but it can alter it to appear more natural colored instead of yellowish and lighter. The wash out process depends on many things such as how much and how often you use this product, your hair type and length, weather conditions in which you used this product and how long you used this product before rinsing it out.

What does blue shampoo do to yellow hair?

It can help in clearing the yellow color of your hair. However, if you have dark colored locks, it is not advisable to use the blue shampoo on a regular basis as it will alter the appearance of your hair color.

What is the difference between purple shampoo and blue shampoo?

The major difference between blue shampoo and purple shampoo is the appearance. Purple shampoo has a purple color and blue shampoo has a bluish color. In addition to that, the formula of each product also differs from one another. For example, if you are looking for ways to cover gray hair, then you should use purple shampoo in order to achieve your desired result.

How long does it take for blue shampoo to work?

It takes around 30 minutes of exposure to the blue shampoo for fading to begin. However, the brassiness may be gone after a couple of days of using this product.

Blue shampoo is known for its ability to provide excellent washout results but it is not the best product for altering hair color. If you want to make a long term change in your hair color, then you should avoid using blue shampoo as it leaves an aftertaste and different texture. For better results, you should use purple shampoo or violet shampoo instead of blue shampoo as they are more effective in toning down yellow pigments from blonde hair than just using blue dye on its own.

Can you use blue shampoo on Grey hair?

Yes. It will help get rid of yellow tone in your hair but it won’t cause hair to go greener.

Does blue shampoo work on orange hair?

Blue shampoo is not just for blonde hair, it can also be used on red hair, brunette and even darker colors. However, if you have an orange hair tone then you should use a purple shampoo instead of a blue one as it works much better.

Blue shampoos are also available in other colors such as violet/purple and green (particularly used on green or blonde). The purpose of these colorants is the same, i.e., to remove yellow tones from hair (brassy effect).

Can blue shampoo make your hair fall out?

If you use the blue shampoo on a regular basis then it may cause your hair to fall out, but this is not the case for people who use blue shampoo for a short period of time. Blue shampoos are not known for causing hair fall out when used as directed. Blue and purple shampoos are known to be harsh chemicals and should not be used by pregnant women and people who have very sensitive skin. The effects of blue shampoos on hair depends on many factors such as how much you use them, how often you apply them and how long do you leave them in your hair before rinsing them off.

Is it OK to use blue shampoo everyday?

Yes. You can use this product daily as more than often you need to develop a good routine for your hair care. This product is very helpful in achieving the desired look and at the same time, it will also remove the yellow tone from your hair.

What color do you see in blue shampoo bottle?

The color of the shampoo varies with each manufacturers and hence, there is no standard system that can be followed with its usage. The only difference between blue shampoo and other types of shampoos or dyeing systems is that it stains the entire head with one application.

How To Use Blue Shampoo?

Blue shampoos are the best way to remove the yellowish tone from blonde hair and give it a cooler, more natural tone. Below are some tips which can help you use blue shampoo successfully.

Step 1: You need to start off with wetting your hair properly before applying the shampoo, so that it can get into all of the pores and remove any impurities or dirt.

Step 2: Rinse your hair with water for about 30 seconds to make sure that there is no residue on your scalp or in your hair. This step is very important as if there is any kind of residue left behind after application of blue shampoo then it will stain your skin as well.

Step 3: Apply the shampoo on your hair thoroughly, making sure to spread it through the entire length of your hair. Some shampoos have a transparent color, so you will be able to see that the product is working as you are applying it on your hair.

Step 4: Rinse off after applying blue shampoo as directed. But make sure that you rinse your hair completely while shampoo remains in the scalp and do not leave any white residue behind which will stain your skin or clothes.

How To Apply Blue Shampoo On Thin Hair?

If you have thin or fine hair then blue shampoo can sometimes be difficult to apply or may even result in staining the scalp. To avoid this, you can mix blue shampoo with some other products like Tea Tree Oil (in equal proportion). This mixture will be easier to apply and will also leave a nice shine.

Can You Wash Blue Shampoo Off Your Hair?

Yes. Blue shampoo can be rinsed off easily if you follow the instructions that are written on the shampoo bottle while using it. Some people use a little bit of lemon juice along with water so that they can easily rinse off the residue of the blue dye after application.

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