Is Mane N Tail Gentle Clarifying Shampoo Good?

The gentle cleansing and refilling mechanism of Mane N Tail Gentle clarifying shampoo leaves the scalp feeling fresh and clean, and the hair feeling smooth and silky soft. It eliminates the buildup caused by everyday use and the buildup caused by styling chemicals, reconditions the hair, and helps strengthen and nourish the hair, all at the same time. It invigorates the hair and scalp, making for a cleaner and healthier overall experience. It is equally safe for and gentle on colored hair.

Personal Experience

It had a huge impact on my life!  My hair is quite thick and coarse, and it has a high porosity; combined with the fact that I reside in Florida, this results in my hair seeming filthy no matter how often I wash it. It wasn’t until I did it by accident that I tested it. My hair is bouncing about as it did when I was a little girl!

Throughout the summer I use it rather often, but during the winter I only use it once every month. Sometimes I forget until the last few strands of my hair are utterly lifeless, and when I do remember, it feels so amazing to use this! I went to CVS and tried Neutrogena when I ran out of this brand, but I ended up returning it the same day I bought it. The same may be said for Ion from Sally’s. It can only be this one particular brand!

I really wish there was a bigger bottle! After all of these years, I was finally successful in locating a shampoo that did not contribute to the development of dandruff for the first time. Because I only wash it once a week and use Mane & Tail detangler, my hair is always smooth as silk and in good condition.

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Pros of Mane N Tail Gentle Clarifying Shampoo

Dream Biz Said: Wonderful shampoo! Due to the fact that I exercise quite often, the perspiration that I produce causes my hair to get rather dry. As a result, I need to use extra items that will moisturize it. I made the decision to use a shampoo that clarifies the hair in order to remove the buildup that had formed on my hair as a result of the extra products. The requirements were met by this product. It has a pleasant aroma, and after using it, my hair feels really clean and ready for the additional moisturizing products that I need to use since it is so long, thick, and coarse.

Jade Added: Since I started using this product on an as-needed basis, my hair has been noticeably more manageable. Simply has a lighter overall feel and does not get greasy as rapidly as before. The first time I use it, I don’t get a very good lather, and therefore I find that I have to use it again after that. However, this might just be me. I strongly suggest this as an option.

Natalie Irving Said: It was perfect for a thorough cleaning to remove product buildup, but after using it, you need follow up with a hair mask or conditioner since it has the potential to dry out hair quite a little even after just one application. Once a week, after my usual shampoo, I followed up with this product. Will most certainly do business with again.

Cons of Mane N Tail Gentle Clarifying Shampoo

Jennifer Said: My scalp hasn’t been really cleaned by this at all. This just makes my hair feel dry like straw. I am still having flakes troubles.

Desert Rat said: My hair are becoming a bit dried out from this. Because of the oiliness of my hair, I must wash it every day. I gave it to my granddaughter, and she doesn’t seem to have any issues with it when it comes to drying her hair.

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Final Verdict:

Wish there was a larger option available! After all these years, finally I was able to find a shampoo that did not cause dandruff for once! My hair is always silky and healthy since I wash once a week and use Mane & Tail detangler. YAY!

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