Is Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Two Good?

When you finally come to terms with the fact that a clarifying shampoo requires a different application method than that of your usual shampoo, you will find that the product begins to provide the desired results for you. The Company established the Compact by Design brand in order to recognize items that, despite the fact that they may not always seem to be particularly different from one another, have a design that is more efficient.

Products that have had extra air and water removed from them need less packing and become easier and more cost-effective to transport as a result. When extrapolated to a larger scale, seemingly little variations in product size and weight may contribute to huge savings in carbon emissions. That is what Paul Mitchell Strives for, and that is why their products have gained enormous popularity in such a short time.

Personal Experience
My hair went from thick, lustrous, and bouncy to limp, greasy, and flat over the course of a few years. Every time I washed my hair, it would look greasy and flat after about an hour. There was no way to prevent my hair from absorbing the color, and two weeks later I was left with a mix of black and gray strands.

In fact, I felt ashamed and irritated at the same time. I’ve had to go to a once-a-day hair washing routine in order to make it to work from washing it every other day. Having found no relief from changing my diet or using a variety of shampoos, I decided to investigate the underlying causes of my condition. My study on this shampoo paid off when I finally decided to buy it. It was like I won the lottery! The first wash made a noticeable impact.

My hair are dense, and it absorbs the color well. I figured writing this review would be a good way to support other ladies going through similar experiences during times of transition. I’m not exaggerating when I say that many people have commented on my hair’s health, bounce, and color (which is the same as usual), and how fantastic it looks. I appreciate the quality of this Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two Clarifying Shampoo very much.

Pros of Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two Clarifying Shampoo

Raven: This clarifying shampoo requires many rinses to remove all residue. Shampooing for the first time should not produce a lot of suds. That’s due to the accumulation of gunk in your hair. Repeat the shampooing process and you’ll see that the sudsing effect is nearly instantaneous the second time around. This is because it is effective.

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If you use a lot of hair products (sprays, gels, etc.), you may need to wash your hair a third time to get rid of all of the residue. Unless you have a lot of product buildup, you probably only need two rinses. Also, you should only wash your hair with clarifying shampoo once or twice a month. Using hair dye more often than every two weeks can cause the color to fade more quickly. If you’re looking for a solution to your oily hair, try switching to a shampoo without silicones or sulfates, like the one I use. I really hope this is useful!

Yana P: My roots were constantly greasy, and no matter how many washes I used, the problem persisted. I am relieved to report that I have finally discovered an effective shampoo. Many reviewers have complained that this shampoo doesn’t produce a lather, however my experience has been otherwise.

Chelsea: When I wash my long blonde hair, which I do every two to three days, it takes me about an hour. This shampoo washes away the dry shampoo, grease, and perspiration I’ve accumulated over the previous several days, making my hair feel fresh and clean. Next, I use a 10 detangle spray and a brush infused with Redken All Soft heavy conditioner. After using it, my hair feels so much better.

Cons of Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two Clarifying Shampoo

Juju: The only reason I purchased it was to aid with buildup. Certainly, it accomplishes the intended purpose. Despite what you may believe, this shampoo does not produce a substantial amount of lather. Even though I intended to get rid of buildup, this product is too harsh on my hair and I can only use it once a week. So, overall, I’d say it was successful. Possibly there are more effective clarifying shampoos on the market, but I’ve had good luck with this one.

Drusilla: Oily hair was a problem for me even as a youngster, and it only became worse as I got older. For once, I don’t have to wash my hair every day since this product takes rid of the oil without drying it out. One issue I have with the product is that it makes my hair feel plasticky and tangled when I first start washing it. When it initially occurred to me, I was a little frightened out by the unusual texture, but once I washed my hair and combed it, the feeling went away. Apart than that, it’s a fantastic product. For my friends with oily hair, this is a must-have product.

Jmark: Neutrogena has just gotten rid of its effective clear “anti-residue formula” and replaced it with inferior products that smell terrible. After trying a number of various alternatives, I finally settled on Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two. I’m not a fan of the lemon fragrance, but at least it washes away completely and doesn’t remain on my hair when I use this shampoo.

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Final Verdict

People with greasy hair that becomes oily again within 24 hours can benefit greatly from using Paul Mitchell shampoo two. It cleans without drying out the hair and does not contain any harsh chemicals. If you have natural hair, choose a conditioner that is light in weight; however, if you have chemically treated hair, you will want to use a conditioner that is heavy in weight. This shampoo is for anybody who wants to enjoy a nice shampoo that cleans well.  It does not have the scent of perfume, but rather a fresh and airy aroma.

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