Is Klorane Strengthening Shampoo with Quinine and Edelweiss Good?

Now that summer’s here, your dry hair needs extra moisture to counteract the dry air you’re breathing in every day. That’s why I always reach for Klorane Strengthening Shampoo with Quinine and Edelweiss whenever my hair feels dry during these months. In fact, I love it so much that I bought my mom a bottle after I tried it myself and couldn’t stop raving about how good it makes my hair feel! Here’s why Klorane Strengthening Shampoo with Quinine and Edelweiss has me hooked.

The Shampoo Itself

To be completely honest, I was a little bit hesitant to use Klorane’s shampoo. I’m not one for parabens or other chemicals in my personal care products, so when I saw that Klorane included them, I had to go do a little research first. Thankfully, they appear in such small amounts (0.05%) that it shouldn’t cause any harm. Their website explains what these chemicals are used for and why they’re included – basically to keep bacteria from growing on their products before you get a chance to open them. Once you start using them, their inclusion is quite safe as far as your health goes.

The Packaging

I like that it comes in a large bottle. It’s very convenient for travel because you don’t have to take it out of your luggage, just check it in. I also like that Klorane provides you with a pump so that you don’t have to fiddle around when pouring out shampoo – especially if your hands are wet or soapy. The pump locks easily into place, but not as firmly as I would like it to be. If you pull too hard on it, it will come off and spill some shampoo. But once locked into place, it does stay put pretty well.

And I really love how easy it is to use! You can use one hand (while showering) to push down on the pump and then move your other hand up and down to dispense exactly how much product you need. A little goes a long way!

The smell: This is probably my favorite part about using Klorane Strengthening Shampoo with Quinine and Edelweiss – I absolutely love its fragrance! It smells very fresh, clean, and herbal. It’s not too strong either, so it doesn’t overpower your senses or make you feel like you have to wash your hair again just because you can’t stand how it smells. It’s a light scent that lingers for a little while after you rinse out your hair. If I could describe it in one word, it would be refreshing.

My Thoughts On The Shampoo

Thinning hair is a common problem for many people as they age, but there are lots of products out there to help you hold onto your locks. There’s little more depressing than having your hair fall in front of your eyes when it used to stick up in all directions, so I was eager to try Klorane’s thickening shampoo. It contains quinine and B vitamins, which support thicker, stronger, healthier hair.

I found that my hair felt slightly fuller after using Klorane—it also smells good!—but it wasn’t a noticeable difference that could be seen by others. If you have thinning hair though, I would definitely recommend giving it a shot!

Pros Of Klorane Strengthening Shampoo With Quinine And Edelweiss

Owanda Shared: My hair is generally quite thick and healthy, and it is highly resistant to the effects of changing hair products, chemical coloring, and towel drying. My hair has been coming out at an alarming pace as of late, and the cause might be stress, it could be heredity, or it could be both. Because of the tendency for European countries to have more stringent restrictions regarding the kind of substances that may be used in food and body goods, I have decided to give this shampoo a try. Before (on the left) and after (on the right) photographs of my scalp were taken at intervals of four weeks. I was very diligent in my use of the shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment. During these four weeks, I did not use any additional hair products of any kind. There will be no substitutes, dry shampoo, or additional lotions or treatments used. My hair transformed from being lifeless and limp to lustrous and silky nearly overnight, and the decrease in the amount of hair that fell out was dramatic. If you want to see actual results, I strongly suggest following all three steps of the technique. I am overjoyed to have discovered this.

Kaitilin Carpenter Said: I was searching for anything that would make my thin hair seem less greasy, and I found a list of someone’s “top 5 shampoos for thin hair,” and they suggested this one since it doesn’t leave any build up or film behind. As a result, I decided to purchase this shampoo. I gave it a go, and I couldn’t get enough of it. One of my close friends had struggled with the same issue while we were in high school (we both colored our hair much too often), and I was pleased to find that she enjoyed using it just as much as I did. My hair has become fuller, seems to be in better condition, and no longer appears to be as oily as it was before. It didn’t matter how often I washed my hair, the following day it would always seem really oily, and I had no idea that the reason for this was the kind of shampoo I was using.

Jessica Outlaw Shared: My hair is beyond the lady bum stage since I use this shampoo and conditioner every other day. I was losing my hair due to health problems, but after using this product, my hair has grown back and the perfume is wonderful—clean and not too floral, just a natural fragrance. You should realize that it is not meant to lather like conventional shampoo from Walmart. Instead, you should use a mouthful (about the size of a penny), work the shampoo into your hands as best you can, then apply it to your hair, beginning at the roots and working your way out. Similarly, conditioner should be applied from the bottom up, left in for 10 minutes, and then washed off with lukewarm water. When you initially use it, I recommend shampooing twice to remove any residue from prior washes. The product is highly hydrating, and now my hair is sleek and frizz-free. After a month of use, I am only a quarter of the way through the bottle of shampoo and conditioner I bought a month ago. If you don’t have the luxury of waiting for your hair to dry naturally, and must use a hair drier, it’s best to use chilly air.

Cons Of Klorane Strengthening Shampoo With Quinine And Edelweiss

Nancy Surbrook Groins said: Despite using this shampoo every day, it does not leave my hair feeling clean. No matter how little or how much I use, it always appears oily and greasy. This stands true regardless of the amount. Even though I don’t often write reviews, I just felt obligated to tell what I went through. I put forth a lot of effort over the course of many months, but I was never successful. Perhaps the issue is with my hair, and not the product?

Emma Said: I purchased it since the description claims it will stimulate hair development, but when I looked at the ingredients, I saw that it contains sulfate, which is harmful to the scalp and would make my hair fall out faster. Therefore, you must pay heed and steer clear of this composition!!! My conclusion is that not only does this product not perform at all, but it also serves the opposite purpose! So horrible!!! And at such a high cost!!! I will never purchase this shampoo again since it is such a waste of money.

Brandy Said: This Shampoo has the scent of an older gentleman’s aftershave. After a week, there was still no discernible change. Will not reorder again.

Would I Buy It Again?

Absolutely. Klorane is a wonderful brand that’s kind to your hair, but most importantly, it smells amazing. I received two different products from Klorane: their strengthening shampoo (Quinine) and their anti-hair loss serum (Edelweiss). The first thing I noticed about both of these products was how great they smelled. The packaging even has a very faint smell of flowers. Klorane uses quinine (the main ingredient in tonic water) which helps stimulate blood flow to your scalp, helping nourish hair follicles for stronger growth.

Overall Score

(4.5/5) A very unique shampoo with Vitamin B3. Thumbs up for its calming effects on dry scalp. Leaves hair shiny and helps with retaining moisture in my hair strands. I was pleasantly surprised by its well-rounded capabilities! Worth a try! In fact, even if you have oily hair, it still might be worth giving it a shot ! You never know what could work better for your own scalp issues… unless of course you already know – in which case, welcome to mystery solved 😉 Anyways~ if you have been thinking about trying out some Klorane shampoos then I highly recommend you give their refreshing blend a chance!

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