How to Straighten Permed Hair ASAP!

Curly hair: what to do to get it straight? The good news is here is a quick solution for those who are unsatisfied with their perm.

Both of the aforementioned techniques are simple to do, yet they both result in broken hair. Take a look at our discussion on precautions to take and aftercare steps to implement after obtaining a reversed perm before making a final decision.

How to Straighten Permed Hair

First things first: is it possible for a perm to be straightened?

You decided to go to great lengths to create curly locks, but then you’re thinking going back to straight hair.

No one likes their curly hair anymore, and you certainly won’t be only one to try it.

However, there are techniques you may do to undo your new style and return to your natural straight hair.

You may decide when you want to maintain the perm or go for a short-term fix. You should also know that none of above techniques will be effective straight after you have your hair permed.

Wait minimum 2 weeks before attempting anything new. After getting a perm, your hair is already fragile, so damaging it with further chemicals or heat might have disastrous results. For this reason, it’s important to exercise patience no matter what you do.

Can permed hair be straightened without causing damage? Unfortunately, you should know that whatever technique you choose will be harmful for your hair.

No matter how strong and resilient your hair is, the perming procedure has clearly taken its toll on it. Bear this in your mind before opting to apply heat or extra chemicals, since they will only make matters worse.

Here, we’ll discuss all three ways to undo your perm, whether temporarily or permanently.

Flat Iron

Does a flat iron work on a perm? To put it simply, you may use this technique as a stopgap measure. The effects will fade with the second wash, so you shouldn’t fall in the habit of flattening your hair more often.

The flat iron is your best bet for achieving a sleek, straight look in time for a big night out. Damage could still be apparent despite the absence of chemicals, but it won’t be nearly as severe.

The fact that it does the least amount of harm and can be performed by anybody is one of its primary benefits. No chemicals are used, and little harm may be expected if you treat your hair and use a heat protectant beforehand.

The fact that it’s just transitory and shouldn’t be used too often is a drawback. You should wait minimum 2 weeks after receiving a perm to subject your hair to heat, even if flat ironing it multiple times a month may create the curls looser.

It is best to wait at least a few weeks after getting a perm before using heat on your hair, even if your hair is normally beautiful and well-nourished.

This straight hairstyle will persist until the next time you shampoo your hair, which should be at least two days. At that point, your hair will once again be the bouncing perm you’re used to. Every time you use an iron to straighten your hair, the perm will relax a little more. However, waves will persist until the perm’s effects wear off entirely.

At-Home Perm Kit

After getting a perm, using this method will properly straight your hair in a way that is permanent. Before you use chemicals for a second time, you will have to take certain precautions to ensure that your hair is well moisturized and prepared for the next part of the process.

The most beneficial course of action would be to have a hydrating treatment in a spa, but you could also try out a highly nourishing treatment that you can do at home.

Applying the perm product and the neutralizer that is included in the kit will help you achieve a hairstyle that is smooth and straight. It is strongly suggested that you visit a hair salon in order to have such long-lasting operation performed on you by a trained expert. This is due to the potentially harmful nature of the chemicals that are used in the process.

If you would rather do things on your own, you should start by applying the perming solution to your hair. Apply the solution to your hair by combing each strand of hair in a straight direction, and maintain this style while you wait.

The instructions on the box should then be followed carefully when doing a wash in very hot water. Following the use of the neutralizer in the prescribed manner, you need to wash your hair with warm water.

The fact that you can do it yourself and that the results will be permanent is the most significant advantage. Because of the potential for damage to the hair, including dryness and brittleness, this is not something that should be done.

Your hair will be straight after you’re through, but it will need extra care going forward. If you attempt to remove the perm too soon after having it done, your hair may not be completely straight, but it won’t be curly anymore.

Safety Tips

Regardless of whatever path you choose, here are some important safety considerations to bear in mind:

  • You’ll inflict irreparable damage to your hair if you do too much of it.
  • If you want to prevent doing any more harm, be sure to comply with the instructions on the straightening kit very carefully.
  • During the initial 2 days after getting your hair straightened, you shouldn’t brush, pull, or tug on your hair, and you should also avoid putting it in a ponytail.

How to Care For Your Straightened Permed Hair

Condition Your Hair

Utilizing a conditioner is among the most essential actions you can do to maintain the best possible health for your hair. Once each week, use a product that provides deeper conditioner to your hair in order to replenish the moisture it has lost and bring it back.

Avoid Using Hair Ties

Once you have treated your hairs with a straightening solution or a straightener, you should refrain from tying it up using hair ties. Silk hairbands are considerably kinder than other types of hair ties, so if you need to wear one, choose one made of silk.

How Long Must You Wait After A Perm To Straighten Your Hair?

After getting your hair permed, you shouldn’t straighten it minimum two weeks prior to doing so. Because the perming procedure involves using chemicals that can be harmful for your hair, you need to wait a minimum of 2 weeks before treating it using the appropriate products and allowing it time to recover. The process of perming is not an easy one, which is why you should give it a lot of thought before going through with it.

Can I Make My Perm Straight With A Flat Iron?

The answer is yes. Permed hair may be temporarily straightened by using a flat iron. Once you clean your hair afresh, the affects will be gone.

Can You Permanently Straighten Your Hair After A Perm?

It is possible to re-straighten your hair, but you should be aware that the process will include the use of chemicals. This technique, which is also known as “un-perming,” makes use of the same straightening equipment and chemicals that were used for the initial perm.


Could I straight my perm if I wanted to? If you have a flat iron or a do-it-yourself perm kit, then can conduct a reversed perm. The first choice has shorter-term effects with less collateral damage, whereas the second choice has longer-term effects with more harm.

Please share your experiences with us if you’ve tried one of these approaches before.

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