Broner Brothers Tropical Roots Clarifying Shampoo Review

The buildup on your hair can be removed with the help of Tropical Roots Clarifying Shampoo. It gives the scalp a tingling feeling that is both calming and stimulating. It has been created with components that allow you relief from an itchy and dry scalp while also reducing product buildup on the scalp.

Personal Experience

After delaying the last time I washed my hair for a month in order to give the dreadlock extensions and my natural hair enough time to bond, I just had dreadlock extensions placed. Because my hair was so unclean, I used the shampoo twice and lathered it through my hair each times.

I really appreciate all of the components in the shampoo. Because it is a sulfate-based shampoo, I was concerned that it would be drying to the hair; however, it turns out that it is not at all damaging to the hair because it includes a natural oil—more specifically, rosemary oil.

Just because of the presence of Rose Mary Oil, the aroma is not sweet but rather spicy and comforting. Your scalp and hair will feel revitalized and very clean after you use the shampoo. This is an excellent shampoo designed specifically for dreadlocks created from human hair.

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Pros of Broner Brothers Tropical Roots Clarifying Shampoo

Karinda M: It has a peppermint aroma that is a tad overpowering yet invigorating all the same! My kid had it made and really loved it. You just need a little bit to get a lot done!! Excellently purifies the hair.

Leonard: I really like that it prevents my hair from becoming dirty and soothes the itchiness on my scalp.

Tasha: Because the lids weren’t securely secured, the shampoo within the package was all over the bottom of the box when it was delivered. After I contacted the seller, they resolved the issue right away; as a result, I would most certainly do business with them again. Excellent Customer Service!

Cons of Broner Brothers Tropical Roots Clarifying Shampoo

Pharmissy: It’s hard for me to say how much was lost.  The shampoo does a good job of detangling my Sisterlocks. However, you should make every effort to avoid washing your hair while you are in the shower since the oils from the shampoo will almost certainly cause your eyes and skin to burn and become irritated. However, it has a reviving aroma.

Erin: The product seems to function effectively; nevertheless, the fragrance of peppermint is quite strong and dominates the product. After using it for the first time, I’m not quite sure whether I will continue doing so. I didn’t detect any significant differences between this and my normal shampoo.

Shaena: When I received my shampoo, the container was already opened, and the contents had poured all over the bag that it arrived in; as a result, I had no choice but to throw it away. The order arrived in a timely manner. However, the shampoo spray was rather pleasant.

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Final Verdict

This is a very light spray that has a delicious smelling fragrance that is reminiscent of aromatic fruits. You can immediately feel it getting to work on the scalp when it has been sprinkled on there. After application, the manufacturer’s recommendation is to massage the scalp for three to five minutes to achieve deep penetration of the product. Nevertheless, the length of time I spend doing it ranges anywhere from thirty seconds to one minute.

When I saw this product for the first time, I thought to myself: “Shampoo Spray? How?” To tell you the truth, I had my doubts about the efficacy of this so-called “shampoo spray.” But I am so pleased I decided to give it a go! It cleanses my hair and scalp, as well as soothes the itchiness, which is a feature that I really like about this product. Having an itchy scalp is certainly something that affects all of us at some point in our lives. I know I do. Because of this, when I used this product for the first time and felt the tingling sensation (which I assume was caused by the tea tree), and then a couple of days later realized that my scalp still felt alleviated and had no big build up. I would definitely recommend that you should try this shampoo at least once.

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