How to Fix & Avoid Frizzy & Poofy Hair After Straightening?

To straighten or not, that is the question! Having a mane that appears like you drew all the power in the room once you straighten it is a sign that you’ve a problem.

Managing flyways may be a pain, but there’s no need to put up with them if you know what causes frizz and puffiness in your hair as well as how prevent it.

Why Is Your Hair Frizzy & Poofy After Flat Iron

We may have the solution to the dilemma, “Why my hairs are frizzy when I straightened it?” that has been plaguing your mind. After spending thirty minutes smoothing your hair, the last thing you want to see is a puffy mess.

To put it simply, dry hair is what causes frizz. Having trouble controlling uninteresting frizzy hair and unruly strands because your mane is dry is never fun. Let’s take a look at the most typical causes of frizzy hairs before we get into prevention and treatment.

Heat Exposure

Frizzy hair is a common result of using heat to style it. The hairs become dry and unruly after being subjected to heat, which removes the moisture they had. Dealing with this issue may be facilitated by maintaining a regular regimen of moisturizing your hair and limiting the frequency with which you expose it to heat styling tools.

One probable explanation for your unruly hair is that you’ve been applying the maximum possible styling heat settings. Weak, damaged, or dyed hair necessitates extra caution.

While straightening your real hair, if you find frizzy ends, try using the lowest heat setting.

Limiting your time spent in hot environments is something else to bear in mind. If you flatten irons your real hair on a weekly basis, you risk damaging it beyond repair, which will leave your hair unmanageable and full of flyway’s.

You Use The Wrong Products

Curly hair is a sign that our hair is very dry. If your hair is dry or frizzy, then you need to use a product specifically designed for that kind of hair. Moisturizers such as coconut oil, avocado oil etc should make up a large portion of the contents. This requires not just to use a hair conditioner designed for thin hair but also repairing treatments on a consistent basis.

You Have The Wrong Tools

If I use moisturizing products but don’t straightened my hair very regularly, why does it still become so puffy? If that isn’t the case, then maybe you’re not applying the proper amount of heat or aren’t utilizing the right equipment.

Last but not least, choose a flat iron that is appropriate for your type of hair. Titanium discs, on the other hand, work well with thin hair as ceramics plates are ideal for coarser hair.

For smooth, damaged, or dyed hair, ceramics plates are preferable because of the uniform heat distribution they provide.

How To Fix Frizzy/Poofy Hair After Flat Iron

Try Oils

Are you still experiencing frizz even after you straighten your hair? Then, you may take a few steps to finally attain the ultra-sleek appearance you’ve always wanted.

Frizz-Free Spray

Hair oils can help you tame flyways after straightening your hair. Hair oils with avocado oil, marina oil, coconut oil are very nourishing, deliver extra moisture to the hair and take care of the frizz.

Remember to only apply a few drops to avoid greasy-looking hair. Some oils are excellent for hydrating the scalp as well.

Leave-In Conditioner

You may get a spray that reduces frizz from any number of stores, both online and in person. Some sprays also replenish moisture to your mane, making it less prone to flyways and simpler to control.

A frizz-controlling lotion may be a good investment if you want to achieve your objective of shiny, silky hair.

Hair Smoothing Cream

Using a leave-in moisturizer after straightening is just another option for taming frizz. At least each week, you must deeply condition your hair before you use an iron, but why wait until then?

By adding moisturizer, conditioner makes hair feel silkier and healthier.

How To Prevent Frizzy/Poofy Hair After Flat Ironing

Different hair smoothing products exist to meet your needs. Get on the hunt for one that will work with your hair and give it a shot.

If you’ve just had your hair straightened, one of the greatest treatments you can use is a frizz-locking lotion like this one.

Your beauty salon also offers restorative services. The treatments these hair salons provide are a lifesaver if you’ve settled for a drab, damaged hairdo that’s perpetually frizzy and scattered all over.

Use A Microfiber Towel

After washing your hair, you should treat it gently with a microfiber towel. This material won’t cause frizz; just remember not to rub your hair or wrap it tightly.

Rubbing the towel will damage your hair and cause extra frizz. Microfiber towels are very useful for ladies with curly hair who struggle with a frizzy mane. Another helpful trick is to use an old cotton tee.

Hydrate Your Mane

Your hair may be dry because oxygen in your environment is dry. Without proper care, the hair on the head might dry out.

Applying an end up leaving conditioner once per week is ideal for maximum effectiveness. Try to find emollients like avocado oil, Shea butter etc. In the colder months, a conditioner treatment must be your savior.

Regular Trims

Maintaining a healthy hair with regular trims is no mystery. Trims must be done every 3 to 7 weeks for short hair and 3 to 4 times each year for medium and lengthy hair, as according specialists. If your hairs aren’t healthy looking or feeling, you may get regular trims to eliminate the split ends.

Brush It Properly

The effects of a good brushing routine cannot be overstated. Even though your hairs are not very thick, it’s still important to know how to properly style it using the correct brushes and techniques since doing so may have a majorly positive effect on your hair’s overall health.

Do not brush your hair while it is damp, and if you must, use a wet comb. Wait until the hair is moist, then run a wide comb or your fingers. We recommend beginning at the ends and working your way inward.

Use a Silk Pillowcase

Whenever it comes to taming stray hairs, silk pillows are a lifesaver. If you want to avoid the increased friction that comes from using other materials on the hairs, a silky pillowcase or hair scarf is the way to go.

Don’t Over wash

You should limit the frequency of washing your hair and avoid using really hot water. Choose lukewarm water instead of hot and try not to wash it every day. When you’re done shampooing, rinse using cold water to shut the hair’s cells and keep in moisture.

Find a Great Blow Dryer

If you have curly hair, you cannot allow it to air dry until blow drying it. The moment it begins to dry, frizz might occur, therefore it’s best to blow dry it as soon as possible after getting out of the shower. A high-quality hair dryer with the variety of speed and setting is a must.

Increasing the rotational velocity will shorten the time the object is subjected to thermal stress, allowing you to complete the task more quickly. Finally, position the drier so that the heat is directed down the hair strand.

Does Frizzy Hair After Straightening Mean Damaged Hair?

While there are a number of potential causes, damaged or brittle hair is the most common source of frizzy flyways. Reduce your use of heated styling tools, get a haircut, and supplement with products that restore moisture and heal damage as soon as you see signs of frizz.

What Is The Cause Of Frizzy Hair?

Frizz occurs when hair has lost its natural moisture. Using heat styling equipment on a regular basis, experiencing hair damage or broken ends, regularly cleaning hair with hot water, not using the appropriate tools and products, nor combing it properly, using the improper towel, etc. are all potential causes.

How Do I Take Out Frizz Once I Have Already Straightened My Hair?

Dealing with frizzy is not really easy, but there are some options worth exploring. For the time being, the only effective treatments are those that provide moisture to your hair and create a protective layer against loose hair. Hair oils, shampoos, lotions, anti-frizz spray etc. are just some of the things you should test.


What can I do if my straightened hair becomes frizzy again? Hair oil, conditioner, frizz-free sprays, and hair smoothing lotion are few of finest products to try.

All of them are great for your hair, but they won’t solve the problem permanently. Look at the root reasons again and figure out how to get rid of them.


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