ABBA Gentle Conditioner Cherry Bark And Aloe Review

I have some 3B spirals, and they are really dense, have a low porosity, are colored, and are split into layers. When it is damp, the layers of my hair that are the shortest fall onto my shoulders. For the first time, I gave my hair a thorough cleansing with the coordinating shampoo and ABBA Gentle Conditioner, Cherry Bark And Aloe.

To make it easier to style, I sectioned off six sections of my hair. After that, put some conditioner on each piece using an amount equal to a cent. I started at the roots and worked my way out to the tips, using my fingers as a rake-comb. The result of letting it air dry was 3B spirals that were soft, well-defined, and separated, with very little to no shrinkage. This was the desired effect. I Totally Love It!

Pros of ABBA Gentle Conditioner Cherry Bark And Aloe

Casual Sophistication Said

My current leave-in has been the same for the last twenty years, which is longer than any other relationship I have ever had, regardless of how successful or unsuccessful it was. LOL!!! It has accompanied me wherever I have gone and has never failed to deliver

It was unavailable in Ulta shops for a short period of time, but it is presently for sale on Amazon and, of course, on the Abba website. This conditioner not only leaves my hair and scalp feeling silky and refreshed, but it also makes my hair lustrous and manageable, which is a huge plus in my book. The fact that I use a lot of hair product does not result in a greasy residue being left behind on my hair.

You have to use a lot of this in order for it to have any type of crunch at all. This leave-in conditioner is the only thing I need during the warm summer months; it works wonders on my curly hair, which adores it, and it helps me maintain the definition of my curls without the use of any other product. I urge you to give this a go since I am certain that you will like how simple it is to use.

J.A.M Said

This was a product that I had used for a good number of years, and I was very, really pleased with it. It left my hair feeling incredibly clean and smooth all the time after I used it. Even though I have extremely thin hair that tends to become tangled quickly, this product made it quite simple for me to detangle my hair after washing it. After that, I gave another one a go since I had read some reviews that said it had been altered and was no longer as wonderful.

The other brand that I tested, which included argan oil, did not meet my expectations at all. It made my hair extremely difficult to comb out each and every time I attempted to comb it, whenever I tried to comb it, regardless of whether I was trying to comb it shortly after I shampooed it or at any other point throughout the day. I eventually made up my mind to give it another go, and I’m so happy that I did. If there was a way for me to give it 10 stars, I would! It has a really pleasant aroma, and it also works wonders as a conditioner for both my hair and my scalp. It comes with my highest recommendation.

Lisa M Said

Even though it has undergone many iterations since I first started using it twenty years ago, I still use this product. This eliminates the majority of the frizz in my hair, which is naturally fairly curly and wavy. My home has a somewhat constant level of excessive humidity.

Recently, my daughter asked me for anything that she could use in her hair (she has the same hair as me), so I let her try this product. She ended up loving it, so I went ahead and placed an order for her. It is not like mousse in that it does not leave your hair crunchy. It has a really pleasant aroma. However, I have never used it as a normal conditioner while I was in the shower; I have only ever used it as a leave-in conditioner.

Cons of ABBA Gentle Conditioner, Cherry Bark And Aloe

Anon Said

In comparison to the last bottle of the same brand that I purchased, this product has a very watery consistency. It comes out practically as easily as water, in contrast to my previous bottle, which required some squeezing and was fairly thick. I got well over a year’s worth of use off of that bottle. Is it possible that they altered the recipe? Because of the price, I anticipate a higher level of quality. The way things are going, I’m going to go through this bottle rather fast!! I suppose that means I won’t be purchasing any more ABBA!

Lawrence Said

It’s been at least ten years since I started using Abba Gentle Conditioner. It was wonderful, and I have already recommended it to a number of other ladies. Unfortunately, Abba has modified the pricing of the product such that it is much different from what it had been in the past. This implies that those who are in the same financial situation as I am, who scrape by from paycheck to paycheck, are unable to buy this pricy conditioner. Sad!

Bottom Line

If you want to get the best bang for your buck, invest your money in this conditioner, as this will make sure that everyone asks you for your secret hair care formula!

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